2020-2030 Iqaluit Recreation Master Plan completed for the City of Iqualuit.

Continuing George Harris Collaborative Inc's extensive work in Canada's northern communities, the 2020-2030 Iqaluit Recreation Master Plan was recently finalized and presented to the Iqaluit City Council. Along with the firm, George collaborated with a diverse team of recreation planners, Inuit cultural advisors, and engagement specialists to develop a comprehensive recreation vision for the next decade. As well, extensive public engagement with Inuit elders, youth, business owners, and residents of Iqaluit was undertaken to develop a people-focused, culturally informed masterplan.


Iqaluit's unique climatic, cultural, and sociological conditions presented a unique planning challenge. The Canadian Arctic is experiencing profound change on a large scale environmentally, economically, and socially, and the City of Iqaluit must adapt in the coming years. The long, dark winters combined with the short summers intensely influence the recreation environment, making it distinct from its southern counterparts. Additionally, Inuit culture reflects a holistic and unique approach to recreation that further enriches the recreational landscape in Iqaluit. With these opportunities, George led the team to develop a masterplan rooted in local heritage that emphasizes Inuit recreational culture, supports a customer focus over facilities, and unites the community through recreation.


To accomplish these goals, the plan introduces an action-based community strategy based on five key strategies: improve communication, identify priority customers, deliver programs collaboratively, deliver facilities collaboratively, and reorganizing the business unit. These strategies are differentiated into specific actions that can be implemented according to the strategic implementation plan. Evaluation and development of these actions are facilitated by toolsets that consider social, physical, cultural, and economic determinants specific to Iqaluit.


The 2020-2030 Iqaluit Recreation Master Plan presents a vision of people-focused, inclusive, and adaptable year-round recreation that engages the whole community. This plan exemplifies the George Harris Collaborative Inc's commitment to cross-discipline collaboration, context-sensitive strategies and solutions, and furthering Canada's northern communities. Find out more about the firm's other arctic projects here.